About Bristol Historical Resource CD

The Bristol Historical Resource CD is an innovative publication which presents novel interpretations of Bristol's historic past. It provides over thirty electronic chapters, written by over thirty authors, which investigate various aspects of the city's social, economic and political history. The CD includes a revised edition of the New Brisol Historical Bibliography, a Bristol time-line, and machine-readable data sets originally published by the Bristol Historical Batabases Project.

In the context of local history, the CD provides discussions of historical methodology which make it a flexible teaching aid and research tool; it also offers practical advice for the collection, presentation and analysis of historical information. The Bristol Historical Resource CD should appeal to all interested in urban history as illustrated by Bristol's historic past.

Peter Wardley (UWE) - Producer and Editor
David Griffiths - Production Director
Keith Ramsey - Research Editor
CLICKABILITY - CD ROM design, production and authoring